THE ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT is one that motivates many to take on the challenge of building their own business. These ideas are often fueled by motivation, passion, and drive; however, there is much more required to experience success.


Principal One

Learning Objective:

To define your niche area of business and your “why.” This will empower you to properly vet your idea and to put in the work to make it come to fruition.


Principal Two

Learning Objective

To provide the step by step process of conducting market and industry research that supports the successful development of your business idea, product or services. Long gone are the days of blindly stepping into a business idea with hopes that it works. The DYS process will equip you with what you need to determine if there is anything there.


Principal Three

Learning Objective:

To fully understand the value of the relationships you build as you develop our business. Selecting your structure is a critical part of the business development process and must be determined wisely. If you are considering a partnership, due diligence is your greatest asset.


Principal Four

Learning Objective:

To fuel the genius of the idea and support it with realistic expectations as you grow. Leaders will learn to develop their big business idea as they plan, research and implement achieving sustainable outcomes.


Principal Five

Learning Objective

To determine the company’s overall vision and mission statements that effectively express the beliefs and values of the organization. As well as creating a team that is empowered to sell and captivate customers is the ultimate objective.


Principal Six

Learning Objective:

To create a model that serves not only your clients but your employees and other important business shareholders. How will you ensure that your teams are willing to go the extra mile?


Principal Seven

Learning Objective:

To establish the discipline, focus, commitment and responsibility within the leaders of the organization. Gain the foundational understanding of what it means to be a servant leader.


Principal Eight

Learning Objective:

To develop a teachable culture within your organization. That produces both teachers and students.  Understanding that leaders must consider their ability to work on their business as they grow.


Principal Nine

Learning Objective

To ignite the leader within and challenge you to seek higher heights as you take flight and emerge as the leader of a successful business. Remember there is always a lion lying in wait.


Principal Ten

Learning Objective

To increase your awareness as you consider your growth and success. As a business owner you are challenged to raise the bar and keep your finger on the pulse of the industry. Learn that your need to market will never cease.


Principal Eleven

Learning Objective

To prepare the business owner and the business for the variety of storms that may arise. It is critical that businesses are prepared for the possibility of internal and external disruptions that may impact their business.


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